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Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Makeup Tutorial (Pictures)

Harley Quinn
Hey guys!! So as many of you may know (or not...) today is the day that the movie Suicide  Squad comes out in theaters so I'm super excited to see it and I thought doing Harley Quinn makeup from the movie would be a lot of fun. I chose to do it in pictures for my blog,  but if you guys would like a video tutorial I don't mind doing one for you because this was really fun to do. 
Let's get started!  
To start off I used my Sedona Lace 928 Brush to apply Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation all over my face and neck.

Next I took my Nyx HD Concealer in the lightest shade under my eyes and used my Covergirl Concealer around my nose and on any spots I had.

I then used my ELF Eyelid primer on my eyelids just to be sure my makeup would last.

Next I used a medium dark blue from my Sedona Lace 168 Color Eyeshadow Pallette on my left eye and under my bottom lashes on the left a bit and also a medium champaigny brown to blend out and highlight under my brows as well as in …
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Royal & Langnickel Moda Metallics Eye Shader Review

Hey guys!! Tonight will be pretty short because I am reviewing a makeup brush and as you all know, or not if you are new... lol I don't usually have a lot to say about those.
I love this, it is gorgeous and very very soft.
It reminds me of like a mermaid or something the way it is made.
I have been using it a ton, it doesn't shed at all and picks up a good amount of product.
10/10 I love it and would recommend. :)

Zoella Colourpop Liquid Eyeshadow Review

Hey guys!! Today I am going to be reviewing the Zoella Colourpop Liquid Eyeshadows.
So first impressions, these look very VERY similar. The only difference I can see is that Bellini is a tiny bit more pinky than OG.
Once on, I have about the same impression. They are quite similar, on the one hand that makes them compliment each other very nicely, on the other hand, personally I would have hoped for two actually different colors and shades to play with.
That being said, they apply very smoothly and nicely and last all day. I did not notice much creasing at all if any with these even on somewhat warmer (for winter) days. 
I had them paired on top of Maple Syrup and blended out with Mimosa from the Brunch Date Eyeshadow Palette, so that probably helped prevent any creasing, if you have greasy lids like me I would recommend this and a primer. If you do not you could probably get away with wearing these all by themselves if you wanted too.
Overall these are very pretty and last very well…

Thred Up Haul and Try On (video)

Nexxus Therappe Shampoo and Humectress Conditioner Review

Hey guys!! So today I am going to review the Nexxus Therappe Shampoo and Humectress Conditioner.
I got this combo from Birchbox and I have to say I am impressed.
I was not expecting this to do anything special, but I really like this.
First of all the Shampoo smells awesome, I love this. I have had one other product that smelled like this but I just can't put my finger on which one, either way though it is awesome and Andrew (my husband) likes it as well.
The conditioner smells nice as well.
These together have been making my hair feel really soft and smooth and I even think it is less frizzy.
I am thinking of purchasing the full sizes soon because I really want to keep my hair like this. I got this results in about a week, even Andrew noticed a difference.
The only thing holding me back from buying this is the Shampoo is about $20.00 a bottle and the Conditioner is about $18.00. But they are large bottles that would likely last quite a while so I think it is totally worth the sp…

I am now an Independent stylist for Colorstreet!!

Hi guys!! I wanted to let you know I am now an Independent stylist for a nail brand called Colorstreet!!! 
 I am super excited to announce this and really want to do well at selling these so I can be a stay at home mom in the distant  future!!!!
To tell you a little more about them, they are stick on nails made if real nail polish. They lasts up to 10 days and come in a large variety of colors, patterns, glitters and more!! They are super fun and I love them!!
You also have no dry time with them and can apply in like 10 minutes then go straight back to your day which is amazing!!!

Please please please support me and go check out my store!!

Ulta Beauty Lip Liner Pencil Review (Bittersweet)

Hey guys!! Tonight I am reviewing a Ulta Lip liner. This one is in Bittersweet.
I really don't own lip liners. I probably should but I never feel the need to use them.
I did however decide to try this because it does kinda go with some of my lipstick colors.
It goes on very easily and its very pigmented.
It actually outlasts my lipstick and stays on all day long.
I do find the line can be a bit harsh because it is so pigmented but a little blending and the right matching color fixes that.
So will I buy more lip liners? Eh, but it is fun to test new things so I do like having a few.

Zoella Colourpop Pressed Blush and Highlighter Review

Hey guys!! Today I am reviewing the blush and highlighter from the Zoella Brunch Date Collection from Colourpop.

I really quite like these, starting with the blush:
I really appreciate that the blush is very buildable. It does not come off as too much color at once so I can use as much as I want to get the right color.
I typically do not like pinky blushes because my cheeks flush so red already, so the fact it comes off so lightly is a big deal to me.
As for the highlighter, you all know I LOVE highlighters, I have far far too many and will use way too much, and I love this one.
It is very pigmented in a good way, it has some pinky undertones to it but is also very warm and will work amazingly in the summer for bronzey looks.
A couple swipes is perfect for a normal day (ok, ok.... one swipe is plenty..) but a few would be awesome if you just want to glow!
I would totally recommend these for a sweet or sexy spring or summer look, they last all day and look great!